eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in e Aadhaar card Download

eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in e Aadhaar card Download

Aadhaar Card Download :

Aadhaar is unique identification number will be given all Indians to use as Identity and address proof all over the world.

If your Aadhaar card is not yet delivered to your postal address you can get your Aadhaar card online only. It Consist of easy steps.

Follow those steps and get your card

Step 1:

You must have aadhaar enrollment number to get the card.

This Enrollment Number will be in the form of   (1234/12345/12345)        (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)  . i.e It consist 14 digit Number .Candidate must poses this number In order to download the card.


Candidate need to fill the details in the form . The form will be asking the Enrollment number and name of the resident and also Pincode . At last that will ask for the security captcha to be entered.

The form will look like

Step 3:

IN step 3 you will be asked to verify last Five digits of your mobile number . That will ask the confirmation if you press yes then one message will be sent to your mobile .

If the displayed is not your number then press No , then one option will be given to to enter your correct number . To that number one message will be sent .

Step 4:

In this step you need to enter the code which you get in your message to your mobile. This is called OTP ( One Time Password) . Enter the OTP code sent to the given number

Step 5:

In this step one file will be download on your computer in Pdf format , In order to open that file you need to type your pincode as password. Then you can find the Card .


Finally You will get it.


Now  Click Here To Download Aadhaar Card


  1. pintu kumar says:

    please aadhaar site open

  2. kiran waghmare says:


  3. saravanan says:


  4. saravanan says:


  5. Eswaran Potty says:

    when will open this site for users

  6. Kalu saha says:

    Enrollment agency supervisor er enrolment complict but aadhar card not genarated.

  7. Kalu saha says:

    Enrollment agency supevisor er all process are complict but aadhaar no. Not Genarate please giv me sugetion.

  8. pardeep.shani says:


  9. prem says:


  10. premjeet kumar prasad says:

    Dear sir,

    plzz guide the Aadhar card hw the download format
    it is not dwnl eaadhar card

  11. Aps says:

    Bakawas AADHAR card not DOWNLOADING

  12. Manish Kumar says:

    I dont know my enrolment number how can download my aadhar card.

  13. Pradeep kumar says:

    Please give me aadhaar card

  14. bharani says:

    What to type in resident name box… Give suggestion how to download it…

  15. bharani says:

    What to type in resident name box. Give suggestion how to download it.

  16. INDER VIR SINGH says:

    sir,e aadhaar card is a valid document for residence proof.can we use this for passport ,

  17. Swamy Gowda M N says:

    Hi, I have tried several times since morning but I couldn’t able to download my aadhar card as it states Sorry, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later UIDAI. Kindly download & send me my aadhar to my email. My Enrollment No. 1037/11299/48366, Swamy Gowda M N & Pin Code is 570026.

  18. s.yasoda krishna says:

    i don’t know enrollment no and how to download aadhar card.

  19. s.yasoda krishna says:

    I don’t know enrollment number,and how to download aadhar card.

  20. Damodar Bapu Patkar says:

    i don’t know enrollment no and how to download aadhar card

  21. Bapu Rohidas umap says:

    i am not recive aadhaar card Enrolment no _1074/50310/01258 , 28/08/2012,13:32:26

  22. Uttam Shankar Panpatte says:

    I have tried several times since but I couldn’t able to download my aadhar card as it states Sorry, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later UIDAI. Kindly download & send me my aadhar to my email is uspanpatte@gmail.com. My Enrollment No.1008/22772/06354Date &Time 02/03/2013/15/42/41, Uttam Shankar Panpatte Shreeniwas Koliwada Begampura Aurangabad & Pin 431004.

  23. Dattaram sitaram navrang says:


  24. Haresh Bhalani says:

    How can dawnload adharcard

  25. sarfraj shaekh says:

    mera adhar card ab tak nahi mujhe appl. diye huye 7 mahina hogaya Ero. No. 1081/17118/02711 date 02/11/2012 times. 10:59:10

  26. Arun Kumar Upadhyay says:

    Let us know my aadhaar card please send my e_mail addressor my mob no 09628626151

  27. Santosh mahantesh kotabagi says:

    Stil i’m not got aadhar card this is enrolment no 2017/60289/00802 dated23/01/2013 11:27:03 this is my mobile no 9844298449

    • Avadhesh Chandra Bharadwaj says:

      Still I have not received my Aadhar card.My Enrollment number 1067/03004/01246 dated 16/02/20014 15:02:41 and my mobile number is 9451102278.

  28. anil kumar says:

    mara aadhaar cad mujha nahi mela ha mara enro no-1211-71097-02009 mara m.n-9136064500

  29. ameenusmansait says:

    I got message my aadhaar card sent by post till date not recived how to track?

  30. smruthi ranjan patnaik says:

    Sir i am enrolled aadhar the center of UPSC,Delhi on 15.05.2013, but not received aadhar card or mobile sms please ensure and send the my card.

  31. KAVYA GUPTA says:


  32. eslavath sreenu says:

    i have enrolment number how to get the addr card sir

  33. Harshad k says:

    Pls gv me the suggtion this website not availeble cntct at 919008131618

  34. sanjeev kumar says:

    nice thinking

  35. a v v t s rao says:

    Really it’s very tricy,to download on line,though,i have received sms that the card has been made and will be sent by post,after typing the enrollment number and other required information,it trigerrs that your enrollment status in not availble.
    Hope this tech friendly issues are resolved as with pace of its propoganda it created.

  36. Uttam nana wagh says:

    Mera aadaar enro.no 1216 00009 01978 hi,lekin abhitak ganret kyuo nahi huaa.

  37. Prudhvi raj says:

    Go to http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and enter details you can get the details form your enrollment papers which is given at the time of applying adhaar
    after entering proceed to the next page and you can see a box enter your phone number and you will receive a sms a high security password will be sent to you enter the same in the next blank column their after download your eaadhaar in a pdf form now after the download is finished open the pdf file and you will be prompted to enter a password enter the pin code of your location as u did in the first step now the file will be opened now you print it. :)

  38. sumanta kumar mohanta says:

    i don’t know enrollment no and how to download aadhar card

  39. sumanta kumar mohanta says:

    my aadharcard not download

  40. bhadarka natvar j says:

    adhar card abhi nahi mila 6 mahine hogya hai

  41. Ch amit kumar says:

    I want my eaadhaar card,i am trying to open the site but it was unable to open,so plz help me to get my eaadhaar card.

  42. Ashish Kumar says:

    I want my eaadhaar card,i am trying to open the site but it was unable to open,so plz help me to get my eaadhaar card.

  43. Surinder Singh Ghai says:

    Take nit from me, this Aadhaar is just a fraud on the people of India. People of India are being made fools as you cannot get it downloaded nor will ever be. My experience is that since morning today I am trying , trying and trying biut the site is not moving with no result after submitting the particulars and it goes off the screen altogether. Sorry, please don’t make fools of Indians. Crores have been spent with no result. Only Private Companies are making money. Sorry for the Govt.of India. It also seems to be another scam.

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  45. Jaisinghkamalsinghramola says:

    sir eaadhaar no

  46. samrin shaikh says:

    Sir mujee apna adar card Milan nhe hai

  47. Brijpal Singh says:

    Sir eaadhaar no.

  48. Prathipati Ratna Christ Das says:


    As per your msg dt 21-05-2013 at 11:15:40 (from LM ADHAAR) that aadhaar number has been generated & will be sent by post and can down load e-aadhaar from eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in but so far NO AADHAAR CARD HAS BEEN RECEIVEDBY ME BY POST NOR THE SAID PORTAL IS NOT AT ALL AVAILABLE FOR ALL THESE DAYS. You link everything with aadhaar but no action seems to be taken to provide it even after two months of enrolment. Please, please ……. help the citizens. It is not the correct way that citizens to be treated. Hoping so. PRC Das.

  49. Vishal verma says:

    Kya yr enrollment date se or aadhaar no se mobile no change hoga

  50. ravi gondhiya says:

    What the hell is going on in our govt. dept.. once they are instructing that this security code send by sms will work only once. and at the last step when we are entering that code then no pdf file is getting downloaded. now if we will try it for the second time then another security will be given to us know? whether it will work to generate our adhar card or not please reply. and please star the server at least you are advertising about online addhar card and no one is able to take it out find out the ways to give card to the citizens. it’s a request.

  51. Purva Agrawal says:

    29/06/2012 20:15:15
    Mobil no.9713635559
    High cort 482007

    • Rajesh Chawla says:

      Dear Purva

      Your Aadhar Number has been generated.
      You can download your e aadhar.
      If any issue can call 9986604597.

  52. Rajendra Agrawal says:

    high court 482007

    • Rajesh Chawla says:

      Dear Rajendra

      Your Aadhar Number has been generated.
      You can download your e aadhar.
      If any issue can call 9986604597.

  53. pawar shrirang r. says:

    what is malware ahead ?
    why advertises are there ?
    where is OTP ? not given in message.

  54. pawar shrirang r. says:

    Aadharcard dowloading means waisting a time.

  55. rabin chitrarasu s says:

    how to download the aadhar number

  56. RAM KARAN SINGH says:

    please download my eaadhaar card

  57. vithiyasri says:

    my ather card verification

  58. sandeep says:

    enorolment no is 16 digit 1234/12345/12345
    and onlt last 4 gidits og ur regd mob no r seen ******1234
    if that is ok clicking ,yes, will provide download button
    password for pdf file is ur pincode ex 110022
    aadhar no generated is of 12 digit 1234 1234 1234

  59. harpreet singh mohal says:

    we are unable to find our addar card kindly suggest.

  60. naresh dhawan says:

    how i can downlord my aadhar card and when i will receive A.card

  61. irfan says:

    last 4 days- Sorry, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.

    Please try again later.UIDAI


    very very very slow system

  63. govind lal says:

    Respected sir/madam my name is govind lal my aadhaar enrolment no is:1104/75322/20773.plz give me my aadhaar status. Thanks you

  64. shabber says:

    sir my name z shabber,my address is wrng,my mandal name s wrng hw 2 correction sir

  65. SURESH KUMAR P.K says:

    pls send my aadhaar card enrolment no-2007/32209/30170 date- 27/04/2012 time-14:28:39

  66. swaranjali magdum says:

    respected sir,
    i had lost my adhar card while exam timing. can you tell me how to get it again . please sir..

  67. nitin muley says:

    pls open a adhar card downlod side

  68. santhosh says:

    don’t aadhar site y/ sir

  69. Shahrukh says:

    respect sir muje apna aadhar card milla my name shahrukh enrolment no 1007 21186 00934 date 17.03.2013 09:32:49

  70. malkeet says:

    please send my aadhar card

  71. GORLE RAGHU says:

    I want my eaadhaar card,i am trying to open the site but it was unable to open,so plz help me to get my eaadhaar card.


    mera card nahi mila

  73. akash holur says:

    please send my adhar card as soon as possible please pa please

  74. Manish Kumar says:

    pls my aadhaar card downlod 1025/30015/03517 date- 29042013 time- 14.56.56

  75. JAYAPRAKASHA K says:


  76. Vish Tibile says:

    aadhar is best

  77. kamadeba singh says:

    According to my 10th certificate, my name has been changed(spelling mistake) in my aadhaar card. In what way it will be re-generated correctly.

  78. a.vanaja says:

    i got message about aadhaar card howto down load

  79. Abhi says:

    what is this nonsense
    plzz create a new website for eaadhaar card

  80. vijaybalaji says:


  81. imran says:

    pls guide aadhar card website

  82. Mhonrao Tungoe says:

    I have got a message A card,how can i download my Adhara Card number,please help me .Thanks you.

  83. pagadala shivakumar says:

    My adhaar enrolment status along with my Family Members
    Pagadala Shivakumar Enrolment Id 1118/60029/03259 26/02/2013

  84. shivananda says:

    please give me the my eaadhaar card in some days i will try but error in page, please because my aadhaar card not delivered to my address.

  85. sujit niwate says:

    please send this aadhar card
    1067/10088/01644 06/01/2013 20:14:24
    1067/10088/01645 06/01/2013 20:20:02

  86. pursottamkuma says:


  87. Venus Kumar says:

    Thank you Sir

  88. aman says:

    sir mare adhar no kya ha

  89. ashok singh says:

    how to download the aadhar number

  90. abhishek kumar says:

    i dont to know date and time how to download aadhar plz tell me…………..

  91. Sushma Subhash Khenat says:

    plz give my Adhar card for this add- Rajendra baban lonkar sr.no. 61,line no.28, Shivanerinagar, kondhwa khurd, pune – 48. so plz hlp me.

  92. sunil kumar says:

    dere sir
    Sir plz download MY ADHAR CARD nob. & my adhar card process 13/04/2013. but i have not received my adhar card nob. soo i request to you plz you help me now Thank u sir

  93. sunil kumar says:

    dear sir
    Sir plz download MY ADHAR CARD nob. & my adhar card process 13/04/2013. but i have not received my adhar card nob. soo i request to you plz you help me now Thank u sir

  94. Bhagu.makwana says:

    My eaadhar card not download

  95. vamsi says:

    i want aadhaar

  96. Sanjeev Gautam says:

    My eaadhar card are download thanx

  97. khutale hemant dnyandeo says:

    Plz.my aadhaar card dowonloading

  98. vikram singh gurjar says:

    sir mera aadhaar nahi aaya

  99. p.soundarapandian says:


  100. Ajit Debbarma says:

    me & my wife apply for Aadhaar card on 02/05/2013 my wife had got Aadhaar card on 29/06/2013 but I didn’t get Aadhar card till today and when I am checking the status it is showing Your Aadhar number is under generation please check back after few days . till today on 16/08/2013.
    my enrolment No. 2033/16009/00594
    date 02/05/2013 17:32:26
    name Ajit Debbarma

    sir please issue my Aadhar card


    My aadhar card downlode kar do ples

  102. anil Kumar Sharma says:

    mera aadhar card abhi nahi pahuncha h. please send me my aadhar card .. . … PLEASE

  103. gous mohammad sayed says:

    My aadhar card lost somewhere i could not able to find it, i knew EID/UID no. Kindly guide me to get the duplicate one. Reply soon as possible.

  104. Remadevan says:

    I have received an sms from aadhaar to down load the adhar card and I have been desperately tring to down load but I couldn’t. so guide me how download my aadhaar card

  105. dhiraj thapa says:

    I received an sms from Adhara to download the Adhara card and I have been tring to download but I could n,t. All stage I had try, but signer option is not shown. Please guide me how to download it.

  106. ravi kumar saini says:

    b-10,new sachivalya vihar, ricco kanta, kalyanpura, jaipur

  107. Ganesh S. Dahake says:

    thank you sir download my adhar card

  108. Hasi Das says:

    Sir I mera sister ka aadhaar card nahi mila. Plz send me aadhaar card.

  109. prashant rajendra mali says:

    Download Aadhaar card

  110. nandhagopal says:

    addhar card how to download

  111. gagan deep says:

    duniya ko pagal banane ke siva or koi kaam nahi bharat sarkar ko kabhi voter id card, kabhi adhar card kisi cheez ka koi adhar hai ke nahi bus duniya ko bhed samajh ke rakha jaha chaahe apne ghar bharne ke liye line laga de, ye site bana ke rakh di hai kabhi nikal ke dekha hai es se pagal banaya huya hai dunia ko kya jarurat pagal banane ki man karta is ulti sidhi rajnitic policy ko aag laga ke rakh do, itnee akal nahi ki ek card issue kare jo update kiya ja sake bus kabhi kuch kabhi kuch inkeeeeeee

  112. shivam shukla says:

    I had got a message that my Eaadhar number was generated but till I am not getting it . please send my card.

  113. HARJINDER SINGH says:

    thodi bhain da FUDa salio ki fudu banaun da kam fadia jad tusi adhar card. na bna ke apni maa ni chudwai ta eh subsidi thodhi Maa de fudha cho milni a pehla adhar bna ke apni maa chudwa nahi tan JINa da adhar ni bania oh log mar jange

  114. Pankaj dhanotiya says:

    Me aadhar card bhej dejiye

  115. sahabram shoyran says:

    my aadhaar ka number plese send me sir in my email adders

  116. R.vishnudasan says:

    i got aadhar card

  117. Harasankar Pal says:

    Please send my aadhaar Card by post to my given address, which Enrolment No1058/32036/01641,date:-17/02/2014 13 :30 :09

  118. Tripti Pal says:

    I have not received my aadhaar card, enrolment No-1058/19843/36061 Dated17/02/2014 16:23:12 by post till today. please send my aadhaar card to my given address by post.

  119. ASHOK KUMAR says:


  120. dillip kumar behera says:

    My aadhar card is not coming

  121. ravi sharma says:

    mera aadhar card kyo nahi aa raha hai aur na hi mob. par sms aaya hai maine from par mob. numb. diya tha lekin net par bhi nahi dikha raha hai plz help me sir

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